Continuous, Connected, Cloistered

Publication Date

Fall 2015


Course: FNAR 370

Faculty: David Comberg

Continuous, Connected, Cloistered. Animated GIF, mirror box construction, and foam core board. 2015. The devices that connect us to the rest of the world isolate us more than ever. Head looking down, unaware of surroundings and disintegrating human connections. Imprisoned by endless scrolling. This project was created to emulate the individual isolation while one looks down at their smartphone and scrolls through an infinite number of continually updating information and images. Our 'networks' that connect us paradoxically isolate us. The content is paired down to an individual scrolling white square that is multiplied by an infinitely mirrored, contained box.


This project was created for David Comberg's FNAR 370 course, Advanced Design.

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Continuous, Connected, Cloistered