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Spring 2012


Dr. Lisa Mitchell, Associate Professor of South Asia Studies, has guided her students to create voiceover videos as class assignments for a large undergraduate class (ANTH 063 / SAST 063 / HIST 087) in South Asia Studies. Her class focuses on how the desire to possess and consume commodities has shaped cultures. In addition to the commodities studied by the full class, each student researches a commodity for an individual presentation. Projects from the 2012 spring semester include some integration of video content in addition to stills. Students in all six sections of the course viewed the videos, and chose winners at the section and course levels This video won 1st place overall. Jackie, William, and Kaytlena use a captivating combination of audio, image stills, and videos to trace the history of rubber. The group pinpoints World War II as the turning point for both perception and use of rubber. The video explores: The history of rubber Vulcanization as the gateway to widespread rubber adoption Rubber as a symbol of military power Effects of the development of synthetic rubber View curriculum and materials for this course


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