Racism in Disney



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Fall 12-3-2007


Sadashige, critical writing seminar videos, racism, Disney, first-year, writing seminar, asian-american


This video was created by four students from Race and Popular Cinema, a seminar in Critical Writing, taught by Jacqueline Sadashige in 2007. Students viewed films from the silent era to recent releases. As a complement to their writing, they observed and analyzed the ways in which popular film has shaped, challenged, or even contradicted common beliefs about racial, ethnic, gendered, and sexualized identities. For their final project, students were asked to create a mashup that could ultimately be used as a teaching tool. In this example, "Racism in Disney," students pointed out how stereotypical misunderstandings about race can be communicated and naturalized through entertainment. The YouTube posting of this video has had over one million views and received over 11,000 comments.


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Racism in Disney