Publication Date

Fall 2013


Davis Butner, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, explores the acoustical and structural intersections of parabolic designs based on the works of Antoni Gaudi and Iannis Xenakis. His poster, “Parabolic Perception,” features large- and small-scale parabolic forms juxtaposed with sketches and images of real-life architectural models. Key visual elements:

  • Sharp, clear graphics
  • Mix of sketches and photos
  • Black background highlights bright images

This was created for the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF) Undergraduate Research Symposium.



Download Poster (7.8 MB)

Parabolic Perception: A Form-Finding Study of the Acoustical and Structural Benefits of Parabolic Design Inspired by the Works of Antoni Gaudi and Iannis Xenakis

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