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McGuckin, Abigail. "Getting Campbell’s Planning Triangle Wet: Evaluating Sustainable Development in Philadelphia’s Floodplain" University of Pennsylvania, Urban Studies Program. 2019.


Campbell’s (1996) planning triangle for sustainable development needs an update to account for the projected effects of flooding due to climate destabilization. The triangle of economic development, environmental preservation, and social equity are worthy tenants to uphold but do not prioritize relocation, an essential aspect of planning for climate destabilization. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority proposed sustainable development via the Lower Eastwick Public Land Strategy (LEPLS) in 2019 for the Eastwick neighborhood, the site of a massive Urban Renewal failure and severe flooding. The LEPLS illustrates the weakness of using sustainable development as a mechanism to deal with projected flooding due to climate destabilization.



Date Posted: 22 July 2019