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Singer, Emma. "Space Producers: An Analysis of Equitably Produced Bike Space." University of Pennsylvania, Urban Studies Program. 2018.


This paper sets out to understand the dynamics of bicycle space production in Philadelphia. To understand the implications of a bike infrastructure as produced space in a city, I analyze specific spaces in Philadelphia through Lefebvre’s tripartite view of the production of space. These spaces – the Vine Street Expressway, Baltimore Avenue, and the 58th Street Greenway – reveal the dominance of perceived space, which often lacks representation from those who use the space day-to-day. Perceived space is found to be heavily influenced by environmental, health, and safety concerns, while leaving out a consideration to equity in the production of bike infrastructure. Greater consideration must be granted to the lived experience of spaces to equitable influence Through an analysis of how these spaces are conceived, perceived, and lived, and how these separate productions of space align, I seek to understand the role Philadelphia’s inhabitants have in the production of their space. And, consequently, what right they have to their city.


Bicycling, Production of Space, Lefebvre, Equity, Infrastructure



Date Posted: 26 June 2018