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Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility


The asymmetric PS(46k)-b-PMMA(21k) film was spin-coated on a neutral brush layer grafted onto a Spin-On-Glass (SOG) layer on the aluminum oxide layer on a Si substrate. An aluminum oxide layer was used as a hard mask. The PS-b-PMMA film was annealed at 190 degree C under vacuum for 3 days, so that the ~20 nm diameter nanopores in the film was successfully prepared as a result of self-assembly. The nanopores in the PS-b-PMMA film were able to be transferred to the Si substrate by CF4 etching through the SOG and aluminum oxide layers, although the etching was not uniform. The non-uniformity of the etching is also discussed.

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Nanopore, Self-Assembly, PS-b-PMMA, Membrane, pattern transfer, hard mask, Al2O3



Date Posted: 08 October 2019

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