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Ming Yuan Chuang

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Technical Report

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Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility


This report describes the rheological analysisof the present Ag nanoparticle ink, and confirms that it is suitable for the piezoelectric drop-on-demand printing for both of 1 pL and 10 pL cartridges. The satellite drops and the splashing on the substrate are also discussed for optimization of the nozzle temperature and the jetting voltage. The minimum horizontal and vertical line widths are shown to be 30 and 40 µm, respectively, but the average minimum single line width is estimated to be ~50 µm. The non-uniform width lines are suggested to arise from the bulge instability. Furthermore, it is indicated that the surface roughness of the PI film causes the non-parallel contact line pinning. The resistivity of printed lines is also reported.

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Inkjet Printing, Ag nanoparticle, flexible printed electronics



Date Posted: 08 May 2017

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