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Selections of the work authored by the renowned Brazilian philosopher Marilena Chauí are the material found in this volume. The book is part of a Palgrave Macmillan series that proposes to divulge the work of scholars from different parts of the word, assembled by interest, relevance, and the degree to which they are representative of the overall academic production of the scholars in question. Marilena Chauí is one of Brazil's most highly regarded Brazilian thinkers of modern times and the selection presented in this volume is both historically relevant and representative of the author's work. Under the theme "Between Conformity and Resistance: Essays on Politics, Culture and the State," the organizers combined a number of Chauí's texts, not organized chronologically, but by how they relate to the overarching theme. The volume is also timely—given Brazil's prominence in the continent—and a good title not only for those interested in critical theory and political philosophy, but also for Brazilianists, or those more generally interested in Brazil's development over the past decades.

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This is a review of Between Conformity and Resistance: Essays on Politics, Culture, and the State by Marilena Chauí.


Marilena Chauí, Spinoza, power, resistance, Brazil, culture, political philosophy, neoliberalism, authoritarism, foundational myth, Mercia Santana Flannery



Date Posted: 26 April 2016

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