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PSC Analytical and Technical Reports Number 3


This is the third in a series of reports dealing with adjustments of census data to take account of changes in the geographic boundaries of certain large urban areas between the 1950 and 1960 censuses of population. The first two reportsl presented summarizations of unpublished tabulations from the 1960 Census showing some basic demographic characteristics of the populations living in areas annexed to large cities during the previous decade. The comparable data for cities in the present report differ from those in the earlier reports in that they are estimates rather than the results of direct census enumeration. This report also differs from the earlier ones in presenting adjusted data for Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas2 and, as a residual, for rings surrounding the large central cities. The statistics for SMSA's are not estimates, however, but merely rearrangements of published census figures for 1950 to comply with changes in the counties included in specific SMSA's between the two censuses.



Date Posted: 01 August 2012