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PSC Analytical and Technical Reports Number 6


One of the striking features of industrialization has been the great increase in the variety of jobs that accompany it, and the changing composition of these occupations in the course of further development. The factors responsible for such variations in occupational structure, their direction and magnitude need systematic investigation with a view to aid manpower planning. Under the circumstances of rising shortage of certain critical occupations in almost all countries, the study of occupational dynamics has come to the forefront in recent years. Further, high rates of employment in occupations that are either declining or not growing fast enough has underscored the need for knowledge about occupational trends in manpower so as to formulate effective full employment targets. Closely related to the task of ensuring balanced supply of different categories of manpower and avoidance of unemployment, is the educational and vocational training of people which perforce depends mainly on prospective occupational changes in the economy. Interest, therefore, of the educational planners in the present and future occupational trends has given an added impetus and urgency to occupational analyses and forecasts.



Date Posted: 01 August 2012