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PSC Analytical and Technical Reports Number 2


This report presents the results of additional summarizations of unpublished materials from the 1960 Census of Population on characteristics of populations in areas annexed to large cities between the 1950 and 1960 1 censuses. An earlier report described the problem necessitating these tabulations and showed the data on age by color and sex. Here we are presenting the statistics on household relationship by color (Table 1) and on marital status for the population 14 years of age and over by color and sex (Table 2). We have, therefore, now summarized, for annexed areas, four of the five population items available for enumeration districts from the 1960 Census of Population. We do not at present have any plans to summarize the figures for the fifth item, which is the population under 21 years of age by single years of age.



Date Posted: 01 August 2012