PSC African Demography Working Paper Series


Michel Garenne

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Working Paper

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October 1981


African Working Papers Series Working Paper No. 9 October 1981


The paper presents and discusses the age pattern of mortality observed in Ngayokheme (Sine Saloum, Senegal). It is compared to data of other developing areas and to model life tables. Mortality at ages 1 to 4 is shown to be much higher than anywhere else where data are available. Reasons for this pattern are investigated. Emphasis is given to the epidemiological pattern, especially to diarrheal diseases and malaria and to the seasonality of mortality.


Africa, West Africa, Ngayokheme, Sine Saloum, Senegal, mortality, age, model life tables, epidemiological pattern, diarrheal diseases, malaria, seasonality of mortality, developing countries, infant mortality, childhood mortality, life tables, death rates, Keneba, Khanna study, Punjab, India, Bolivia, Amazon, Dombrea, France, Saint Trivier, deaths, causes of death, risk of death, births, breastfeeding, nutrition, infectious diseases, parasitic diseases



Date Posted: 16 November 2007

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