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Jason Dana


interview, timing, time of day, OCR, on campus recruiting, decision fatigue, ego depletion


The present study explores the question of whether there is an advantage to interviewing at a certain time of day, or in a certain position relative to others. Field data was cross-examined with survey data from 409 Penn students, which indicated if the individual had received a second round, and thus had been successful, after their first round interview. We found that individuals who interviewed (1) with an interviewer who had conducted fewer interviews prior to the given interview and (2) at an earlier time during the day had higher success rates. Rates of success declined as prior interviews increased and as the time of the interview became later. Prior research suggests that ego depletion, discrimination, and/or endogeneity may be at play in affecting these results. The results of this study indicate an answer to our research question, as well as the mechanisms affecting interview success as related to time of day, may benefit from further experimental research.

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Date Posted: 14 June 2016


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