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We calculate the Casimir interaction between two short-range scatterers embedded in a background of one-dimensional massless Dirac fermions using a force-operator approach. We obtain the force between two finite-width square barriers and take the limit of zero width and infinite potential strength to study the Casimir force mediated by the fermions. For the case of identical scatterers, we recover the conventional attractive one-dimensional Casimir force. For the general problem with inequivalent scatterers, we find that the magnitude and sign of this force depend on the relative spinor polarizations of the two scattering potentials, which can be tuned to give an attractive, a repulsive, or a compensated null Casimir interaction.


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D. Zhabinskaya, J.M. Kinder and E.J. Mele. (2008). "Casimir effect for massless fermions in one dimension: A force-operator approach." Physical Review A. 78, 060103.

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Date Posted: 13 January 2011

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