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We show that the slowing of the dynamics in simulations of several model glass-forming liquids is equivalent to the hard-sphere glass transition in the low-pressure limit. In this limit, we find universal behavior of the relaxation time by collapsing molecular-dynamics data for all systems studied onto a single curve as a function of T/p, the ratio of the temperature to the pressure. At higher pressures, there are deviations from this universal behavior that depend on the interparticle potential, implying that additional physical processes must enter into the dynamics of glass formation.


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Xu, N., T.K. Haxton, A.J. Liu and S.R. Nagel. (2009). "Equivalence of Glass Transition and Colloidal Glass Transition in the Hard-Sphere Limit." Physical Review Letters. 103, 245701.

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Date Posted: 23 November 2010

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