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We study the existence and stability of static kinklike configurations of a five-dimensional scalar field, with Dirichlet boundary conditions, along the extra dimension of a warped braneworld. In the presence of gravity such configurations fail to stabilize the size of the extra dimension, leading us to consider additional scalar fields with the role of stabilization. We numerically identify multiple nontrivial solutions for a given five-dimensional action, made possible by the nonlinear nature of the background equations, which we find is enhanced in the presence of gravity. Finally, we take a first step toward addressing the question of the stability of such configurations by deriving the full perturbative equations for the gravitationally coupled multifield system.


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Toharia, M., M. Trodden and E.J. West. (2010). "Scalar kinks in warped extra dimensions." Physical Review D 82, 025009.

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Date Posted: 08 November 2010

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