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We have explored the abilities of all-electronic DNA-carbon nanotube (DNA-NT) vapor sensors to discriminate very similar classes ofmolecules.We screened hundreds ofDNA-NT devices against a panel of compounds chosen because of their similarities. We demonstrated that DNA-NT vapor sensors readily discriminate between series of chemical homologues that differ by single methyl groups. DNA-NT devices also discriminate among structural isomers and optical isomers, a trait common in biological olfactory systems, but only recently demonstrated for electronic FET based chemical sensors.


Khamis, S. M., Jones, R. A., Johnson, A. T. C., Preti, G., Kwak, J., & Gelperin, A. (2012). DNA-decorated carbon nanotube-based FETs as ultrasensitive chemical sensors: Discrimination of homologues, structural isomers, and optical isomers. AIP Advances, 2(2), 022110. doi: 10.1063/1.4705394

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Date Posted: 28 June 2012

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