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A recent 20O(d,p)21O experiment, in reverse kinematics, discovered two new states in 21O at 4.77(10) and 6.17(11) MeV, with Jπ assignments of 3/2+ and of 3/2+ or 7/2, respectively. Both widths and spectroscopic factors were reported, along with the branching ratio for the upper state to decay to the 2+ state of 20O. We have computed single-particle widths for all the relevant decays and have used them to extract additional information for these two states, including the spectroscopic factors for 2+ decay of the upper state with the two possible Jπ values. Our analysis prefers 7/2 for Jπ.


Fortune, H. T. and Sherr, R. (2012). Widths and Spectroscopic Factors in 21O. Physical Review C, 85(2), 027305. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.027305.

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Date Posted: 27 March 2012

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