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We experimentally and theoretically investigate the shapes of contact lines on the surfaces of micrometer-sized polystyrene ellipsoids at the water-air interface. By combining interferometry and optical trapping, we directly observe quadrupolar symmetry of the interface deformations around such particles. We then develop numerical solutions of the partial wetting problem for ellipsoids, and use these solutions to deduce the shapes of the corresponding contact lines and the values of the contact angles, Θc(k), as a function of the ellipsoid aspect ratio k. Surprisingly, Θc is found to decrease for increasing k suggesting that ellipsoid microscopic surface properties depend on ellipsoid aspect ratio.


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Loudet, J.C., Yodh, A.G. and Pouligny, B. (2006). Wetting and Contact Lines of Micrometer-Sized Ellipsoids. Physical Review Letters 97, 018304.

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Date Posted: 14 July 2011

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