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We propose a scenario to stabilize all geometric moduli—that is, the complex structure, Kähler moduli, and the dilaton—in smooth heterotic Calabi-Yau compactifications without Neveu-Schwarz three-form flux. This is accomplished using the gauge bundle required in any heterotic compactification, whose perturbative effects on the moduli are combined with nonperturbative corrections. We argue that, for appropriate gauge bundles, all complex structure and a large number of other moduli can be perturbatively stabilized—in the most restrictive case, leaving only one combination of Kähler moduli and the dilaton as a flat direction. At this stage, the remaining moduli space consists of Minkowski vacua. That is, the perturbative superpotential vanishes in the vacuum without the necessity to fine-tune flux. Finally, we incorporate nonperturbative effects such as gaugino condensation and/or instantons. These are strongly constrained by the anomalous U(1) symmetries, which arise from the required bundle constructions. We present a specific example, with a consistent choice of nonperturbative effects, where all remaining flat directions are stabilized in an anti-de Sitter vacuum.


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Anderson, L.B., Gray, J., Lukas, A. and Ovrut, B. (2011). Stabilizing all geometric moduli in heterotic Calabi-Yau vacua. Physical Review D. 83, 106011.

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Date Posted: 02 June 2011

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