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This short article concerns α-particle and/or nucleon widths for several states in 19F and 19Ne. It addresses questions arising from new experiments or calculations. Many of the states involved are of interest in connection with reaction-rate calculations in astrophysics. For each state, or set of states, we discuss the new information in the context of what was previously known.

Our recent article concerned states above 6.5 MeV in 19F. Except for one of those states, the present article primarily involves only states below 6.5 MeV. Unless otherwise noted, our energies and Jπ values are from the latest compilation.


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Fortune, H.T., A. Lacaze and R. Sherr. (2010). Update on α-particle and Nucleon Widths in 19F and 19Ne. Physical Review C. 82, 034312.

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Date Posted: 08 November 2010

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