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We report the observation of extremely high dielectric permittivity exceeding 109 and magnetocapacitance of the order of 104% in La0.875Sr0.125MnO3 single crystal. This phenomenon is observed below 270 K, and it exhibits a history dependence. These effects may be the consequence of strong competition and interplay among the charge, orbital, and spin degrees of freedom, resulting in nanoscale charge and spin dynamic inhomogeneities in the prepercolation regime of the phase segregation.


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R.F. Mamin, T. Egami, Z. Marton, S.A. Migachev. (2007). Giant dielectric permittivity and magnetocapacitance in La0.875Sr0.125MnO3 single crystals. Physical Review B 75, 115129.

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Date Posted: 18 May 2011

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