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We present a new formulation of the jamming phase diagram for a class of glass-forming fluids consisting of spheres interacting via finite-ranged repulsions at temperature T , packing fraction φ or pressure p, and applied shear stress Σ. We argue that the natural choice of axes for the phase diagram are the dimensionless quantities T/pσ3, pσ3/ϵ, and Σ/p, where T is the temperature, p is the pressure, Σ is the stress, σ is the sphere diameter, ϵ is the interaction energy scale, and m is the sphere mass. We demonstrate that the phase diagram is universal at low pσ3/ϵ; at low pressure, observables such as the relaxation time are insensitive to details of the interaction potential and collapse onto the values for hard spheres, provided the observables are nondimensionalized by the pressure. We determine the shape of the jamming surface in the jamming phase diagram, organize previous results in relation to the jamming phase diagram, and discuss the significance of various limits.


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Haxton, T.K., Schmiedeberg, M. and Liu, A.J. (2011). "Universal jamming phase diagram in the hard-sphere limit. Physical Review E. 83, 031503.

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Date Posted: 06 April 2011

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