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We develop and solve a continuum theory for the piezoelectric response of nanotubes under applied uniaxial and torsional stresses. We find that the piezoelectric response is controlled by the chiral angle, the aspect ratio, and two dimensionless parameters specifying the ratio of the strengths of the electrostatic and elastic energies. The model is solved in two limiting cases and the solutions are discussed. These systems are found to have several unexpected physical effects not seen in conventional bulk systems, including a strong stretch-twist coupling and the development of a significant bound charge density in addition to a surface charge density. The model is applied to estimate the piezoelectric response of a boron nitride nanotube under uniform tensile stress.


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Michalski, P.J. and Mele, E.J. (2007). Continuum theory for piezoelectric response of chiral nanotubes under uniaxial and torsional stresses. Physical Review B. 76, 205419.

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Date Posted: 30 March 2011

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