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Hierarchies from D-brane Instantons in Globally Defined Calabi-Yau Orientifolds

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We construct the first globally consistent semirealistic type I string vacua on an elliptically fibered manifold where the zero modes of the Euclidean D1-instanton sector allow for the generation of nonperturbative Majorana masses of an intermediate scale. In another class of global models, a D1-brane instanton can generate a Polonyi-type superpotential breaking supersymmetry at an exponentially suppressed scale.


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M. Cvetič and T. Weigand. (2008). "Hierarchies from D-brane Instantons in Globally Defined Calabi-Yau Orientifolds." Physical Review Letters. 100, 251601.

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Date Posted: 25 January 2011

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