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For crystalline materials, the microscopic origin of plasticity is well understood in terms of the dynamics of topological defects. For amorphous materials, the underlying structural disorder prevents such a description. Therefore identifying and characterizing the microscopic plastic events in amorphous materials remains an important challenge. We show direct evidence for the coexistence of reversible and irreversible plastic events (T1 events) at the microscopic scale in both experiments and simulations of two-dimensional foam. In the simulations, we also demonstrate a link between the reversibility of T1 events and pathways in the potential energy landscape of the system.


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M. Lundberg, K. Krishan, N. Xu, C.S. O'Hern and M. Dennin. (2008). "Reversible plastic events in amorphous materials." Physical Review E. 77, 041505.

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Date Posted: 25 January 2011

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