Penn History Review

Helen Catherine Darby
2020, European History

Editorial Board
Jake Fallek
2020, General History

Noah Kest
2020, Intellectual History

Alia Schechter
2020, General History

William Weiss
2020, Medieval European History

Lorenza Colagrossi
2021, European History

Ishaan Tugnait
2021, AmericanHistory

Eden Vance
2022, European History


Founded in 1991, the Penn History Review is a journal for
undergraduate historical research. Published twice a year through
the Department of History, the journal is a non-profit publication
produced by and primarily for undergraduates. The editorial board of
the Review is dedicated to publishing the most original and scholarly
research submitted for our consideration. For more information about
submissions, please contact us at phrsubmissions@gmail.com.

Funding for this magazine provided by the Department of History,
University of Pennsylvania.