Urban Doctoral Symposium Dissertations

The Penn Institute for Urban Research is dedicated to fostering increased understanding of cities and developing new knowledge bases, vital in charting the course of local national and international urbanization. By providing an umbrella structure for the urban focused scholarship, research and civic engagement within Penn’s twelve schools, the Penn IUR provides the synergy needed to address urban challenges in the 21st century.

As a campus-wide initiative, the Penn Institute for Urban Research is a platform for an integrated urban knowledge base. It informs practices related to urbanism through the multi-disciplinary approach that is the University of Pennsylvania’s specialty.

Theses and Dissertations from 2005

Delinquent networks in Philadelphia: The structure of co -offending among juveniles, Reagan M Daly

The architecture of Maxentius: A study in architectural design and urban planning in early fourth-century Rome, Elisha Ann Dumser

The interrelation between social context, social structure, and social capital in international migration flows from Mexico to the United States, Nadia Yamel Flores

Three essays in urban economics, Kevin C Gillen

Performing the urban village: Art, place-making, and cultural politics in North Central Philadelphia, Rosina S Miller

The choreography of community: Italian ethnicity in postwar Toronto and Philadelphia, Jordan Stanger-Ross

Reading the world and the word after school: African American urban adolescents' reading experiences and literacy practices in relationship to media texts, Jeanine M Staples

Theses and Dissertations from 2004

Port authorities and urban redevelopment: Politics, organizations, and institutions on a changing waterfront, Peter Hendee Brown

On the waterfront: Vernacular recreation at Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, Daniel Campo

Patterns of interaction across borders: Space, language and architecture. A network model applied to border regions in Belgium and Spain, Annemarie Constantinescu-Strihan

Missed opportunities: Managing achievement and difference in an urban public college preparatory magnet high school, Joseph Daniel Cytrynbaum

Communal re -appropriation of blighted spaces: Governmentality and the politics of everyday life in the Kensington recovery house movement, Robert P. Fairbanks

Assisting communities through university partnerships: A study of the program in nonprofits, universities, communities, and schools, David Howard Grossman

Urbanism as reform: Modernist planning and the crisis of urban liberalism in Europe and North America, 1945–1975, Christopher Klemek

Protecting habitats: New York -New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program. Collaborative planning and scientific information, Lynn Ann Mandarano

Spatial variation of residential and employment land consumption rates in a metropolitan region: Atlanta, Chicago, Sacramento, San Antonio, Yunwoo Nam

Engineering the metropolis: The Sellers family and industrial Philadelphia, Domenic Vitiello

The impact of inner city commuter and community congregations on civic engagement and social action, Hara Leslie Wright-Smith

Theses and Dissertations from 2003

Improving regional transportation system performance through increased suburban intermodalism: A user cost modeling approach, Jeffrey Michael Casello

Hope or harm? Deconcentration and the welfare of families in public housing, Susan E Clampet-Lundquist

Welfare reform and the private safety net, Rebecca Joyce Kissane

Everyone royalty: AFSCME, municipal workers and urban power in Philadelphia, 1921–1983, Francis Padraig Ryan

Theses and Dissertations from 2002

Growth and Its discontents: Localism, Protest and the Politics of Development on the Postwar Northeast Corridor, Peter T Siskind

Theses and Dissertations from 1993

Fiscal decentralization, intergovernmental relations, and education finance: Welfare and efficiency considerations in educational expenditures and outcomes in Mexico, Alec Ian Gershberg

Theses and Dissertations from 1976