History of the University of Pennsylvania

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January 1940


All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations used for purposes of scholarly citation, none of this work may be reproduced in any form by any means without written permission from the publisher. For information address the University of Pennsylvania Press, 3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-4112.

Reprinted from History of the University of Pennsylvania, 1740-1940, by Edward Potts Cheyney (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1940).


In writing this book Dr. E. W. Mumford, Secretary of the University, has given me invaluable assistance at every turn and I find it difficult to express adequately my sense of obligation and gratitude to him. I can only say that without his advice and help, generously offered and unsparingly given, I would not have begun and could not have finished the book. Other officers of the University and of the alumni societies, especially Dean Pepper, Mr. George E. Nitzsche, Recorder, Mr. C. S. Thompson, Librarian, Mr. C. J. Miel, Manager of the University Fund and Mr. Horace M. Lippincott, Editor of the Pennsylvania Gazette and General Magazine have offered and given me much help.

Colleagues in the Faculty, some of them now in retirement, responded promptly, fully, and thoughtfully to my questions about their respective departments. I collected in this way much information that it has proved impossible, unfortunately, to include in this book. I hope they will not be disappointed. Limitations of space soon asserted themselves and it became evident that a single volume could include little more than an account of the establishment and early circumstances of departments that have had a long and interesting history, and a mere mention rather than a full discussion of much that was significant. Limitations of time stood equally in the way. The two years or somewhat more that have been given to the preparation of the history did not give time to gain familiarity with such a complex body as the University has come to be, beyond the vague knowledge gained by one who has grown up with it. The volume entitled The University of Pennsylvania Today provides a partial corrective to these deficiencies, and contains much material I have with a heavy heart laid aside.

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chapter 1.pdf (1100 kB)
Chapter 1. The City

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Chapter 2. The Foundation: 1740-1755

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Chapter 3. The Colonial College: 1755-1779

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Chapter 4. Division and Reunion

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Chapter 5. Low Water: 1791-1828

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Chapter 6. The Beginning of Expansion

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Chapter 7. The Move to West Philadelphia

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Chapter 8. The Era of Expansion

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Chapter 9. Provost, Trustees and Alumni

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Chapter 10. Under a President: 1930-1940

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