History of the University of Pennsylvania


Hayward Keniston

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January 1959


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Reprinted from Graduate Study and Research in the Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, by Hayward Keniston (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1959).


The present Report is in large part based upon the individual studies of graduate training and research which have been prepared under the direction of The Educational Survey. Three of these-on the Humanities, the Physical Sciences, and the Social Sciences-deal in detail with the program in these quadrants. In addition, the studies on the Engineering Schools and the Medical School have contributed to the picture of graduate work in these professional schools and the study of the College has provided important data.

Because the separate studies were organized in different ways and with different criteria, the data which they present are not always comparable nor is their coverage uniform. In a few cases I have tried to supplement their materials with additional information. But I have not attempted to repeat their specific evaluations and recommendations. I have, however, discussed briefly certain problems which did not receive attention in any of the prior studies, such as the administration of research and the publication of research.



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