History of the University of Pennsylvania


Donald R. Belcher

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January 1960


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Reprinted from The Board of Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, by Donald R. Belcher (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1960).


In January 1953, the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania appointed three trustee committees to report on administrative, educational, and athletic phases of the University's activities. This action subsequently led to the creation of The Educational Survey-a study in depth. During the past five years, the Survey has enlisted the aid of some 300 persons from the University itself and approximately a hundred individuals of special competence from other institutions, foundations, corporations, and governmental agencies. Under its aegis, twenty-six separate major studies have been completed, centering upon the activities of individual schools, departments, and areas of University activity.

Inasmuch as the Survey was directed toward any influence which affected education and research, a study of an important sector of the University-the Board of Trustees-was initiated with the unanimous consent of the Trustees themselves in February 1957. Donald R. Belcher, formerly Treasurer of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Assistant Director of the United States Bureau of the Budget, and Regents Professor at the University of California (Berkeley), was persuaded to undertake the study. A committee of the Board of Trustees was appointed to serve as an advisory group; later all members of the Board were utilized as an advisory committee.



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