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Mitchell, Olivia, Joseph Quinn, G. Lawrence Atkins, Richard Burkhauser, Gary Burtless, Robert Clark, Peter D. Paul, John Haley, Daniel Halperin, Eric Hanushek, Diane Macunovich, Dallas Salisbury, John Shoven, and Stephen Zeldes. 1995. "1994-95 Advisory Council On Social Security Technical Panel on Trends and Issues in Retirement Saving Final Report." PARC Working Paper Series, WPS 95-06.


The charge of the Technical Panel on Trends and Issues in Retirement Savings (TIRS) was to "assist the 1994-95 [Social Security] Advisory Council with respect to its charge to analyze the relative roles of the public and private sectors in the provision of retirement income, particularly how underlying policies of public and private programs, including relevant tax laws, affect retirement decisions and the economic status of the elderly."


retirement savings, social security, American labor market, OASI Trust Fund



Date Posted: 19 February 2020