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SODA '93 Proceedings of the fourth annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete algorithms

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Given a set S of n points in the unit square [0, 1)2, an optimal traveling salesman tour of S is a tour of S that is of minimum length. A worst-case point set for the Traveling Salesman Problem in the unit square is a point set S(n) whose optimal traveling salesman tour achieves the maximum possible length among all point sets S C [0, 1)2, where JSI = n. An open problem is to determine the structure of S(n). We show that for any rectangle R contained in [0, 1 F, the number of points in S(n) n R is asymptotic to n times the area of R. One corollary of this result is an 0( n log n) approximation algorithm for the worst-case Euclidean TSP. Analogous results are proved for the minimum spanning tree, minimum-weight matching, and rectilinear Steiner minimum tree. These equidistribution theorems are the first results concerning the structure of worst-case point sets like S(n).



Date Posted: 27 November 2017