Organizational Dynamics Working Papers

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Working Paper

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December 2008


Graduate academic institutions in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland were identified via online searches that offered coaching courses for which one earns a grade and are part of a graduate degree; coaching courses for which one earns a grade and that contribute to a graduate certificate but are not part of a degree; coaching courses for which there is no grade but that contribute to a certificate of attendance; and coaching applications and delivery services. Results indicated that there were no academic programs in New Zealand; 17 coaching programs were being offered at universities in Australia; 21 in Canada; 52 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland; and 124 in the United States. While all offered Master’s level coaching and the UK offered three Doctoral programs, most academic coaching was being used as a development service rather than as academic coursework. Follow-up recommendations were made to support the continued engagement and building of the academic coaching community through this web system.



Date Posted: 27 January 2009