Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics Theses

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Thesis or dissertation

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Submitted To The Program Of Organizational Dynamics In The Graduate Division Of The School Of Arts And Sciences In Partial Fulfillment For The Degree Of Master Of Science In Organizational Dynamics At The University Of Pennsylvania

Advisor: Larry Starr


In this Capstone/Thesis, I present a proposal for a book tentatively called Perspectives of Poverty Alleviation in which the argument is made that worldviews, perspectives, and allied unconscious biases embedded in the thinking of people throughout the international development aid value chain have a significant impact on the efficacy of interventions dedicated to alleviate chronic poverty in rural areas that receive the services in Africa. In support of the argument, practical aspects of worldviews, perspectives and selected themes including private sector, development policy, international aid, program and project interventions are explored and offered through storytelling to help in understanding the relationship between unconscious biases, core assumptions and the efficacy of interventions dedicated to eradicate poverty. Finally, a plea is made for the implementation of a systems approach to counter the effect of flawed perspectives and subconscious biases that undermine the effectiveness of poverty alleviation.



Date Posted: 30 May 2012