Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics Theses

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Thesis or dissertation

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Submitted to the Program of Organizational Dynamics, College of Liberal and Professional Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania

Advisor: Charline S. Russo, EdD


This Capstone is a reflective summary of my learnings gained during my journey in the Organizational Dynamics graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Through a series of personal stories of growth and perspective, I share how I navigated a mid-life career change and used key learnings from these courses to reframe my thinking and arm me with new skills and knowledge to prepare me for a career change. The paper focuses on topics related to leading both organizational and personal change and outlines the real and perceived obstacles that mid-life career professionals encounter that prevent them from navigating change in their career journey. I hope the learnings presented in this paper can help support other mid-life professionals who want to advance their career goals, release assumptions, and break their immunity to change.


mid-life career change, organizational change, personal change, immunity to change, adult development



Date Posted: 13 October 2021