Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics Theses

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Thesis or dissertation

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Submitted to the Program of Organizational Dynamics, College of Liberal and Professional Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania

Advisor: Charline S. Russo, Ed.D.


As I sought a better life for myself, making me first in my family in many ways, I struggled to navigate the uncharted territories of college and the workplace far away from home. I was racked with guilt, shame, and fear about the what-ifs, which held me back from living a more authentic life. Various frameworks from the Organizational Dynamics program and other influential experiences have given me the tools to reposition my thinking more purposefully, and to create a vision for living and to uncover my potential as an instrument of change. I describe the powerful moments that propelled me into wanting to thrive and not just survive. I also share my exploration in learning and identifying with the impostor phenomenon experience.



Date Posted: 18 December 2020