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Opportunities for research-focused doctoral education must be available to nurses early in their careers in order to ensure the further development of nursing science. Early entry into the research doctorate through an integrated BSN-PhD program is one innovative approach. This approach highlights the value of integrating post-licensure clinical training into the doctoral curriculum. To better prepare innovative nurse scientists early in their careers we developed a clinical nurse fellowship within an integrated BSN-PhD program in partnership with an affiliated health system. The aims of this clinical fellowship are to integrate post-licensure clinical experience with academic preparation, cultivate scholarly reflection on the connections between research and practice, educate nurse researchers to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams, and develop nurses' contributions to health care innovation. Major considerations for the development of similar clinical training opportunities include clarifying and articulating the major aims of the fellowship, enlisting the support of executive clinical leadership, and placing fellows on nursing units with experienced and advanced nursing teams and management that supports the fellowship's aims. We emphasize the fully integrated and collaborative activities, decision-making, and commitment required of both academic and health system partners to successfully implement similar clinical training opportunities.

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Nursing education, Innovation, PhD, Clinical training, Early entry PhD program

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Date Posted: 22 May 2017

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