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February 2003


The last decades of the twentieth century saw the rise of modern genetics. Now, many regard the initial decades of the twenty-first century as an era that promises explosive growth in our knowledge of the brain. Just as ethical issues have been a part of discourse in genetics from the outset, we are now paying attention to ethics in neuroscience. But whereas the ethics of genetics was in many ways a new conversation, the philosophical discussion of mental function and behaviour is an ancient tradition that both informs and complicates the emerging field of neuroethics.


Postprint version. Published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2003, pages 149-153.
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NOTE: At the time of publication, the author Jonathan D. Moreno was affiliated with the University of Virginia. Currently, April 2007, he is a faculty member in the Department of Medical Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania.



Date Posted: 04 April 2007

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