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Photonic Bandgap Structures of Core-Shell Simple Cubic Crystals from Holographic Lithography

Jun Hyuk Moon, Univresity of Pennsylvania
Shu Yang, University of Pennsylvania
Seung-Man Yang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Document Type Journal Article

Postprint version. Published in Applied Physics Letters, Volume 88, Issue 12, Article 121101, March 2006, 3 pages.
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We report the investigation of photonic band-gap properties of a core-shell simple cubic structure (air core with a dielectric shell) using a two-parameter level-set approach. The proposed structure can be obtained by partially backfilling high refractive index materials into a polymeric template fabricated by multibeam interference lithography. We find that the shell formation in the inverted simple cubic structure increases the complete photonic band-gap width by 10%–20% in comparison to that of a completely filled structure. The band gap between the fifth and sixth bands begins to appear at a refractive index contrast of 2.7. This study suggests the importance to investigate the core-shell formation in three-dimensional photonic crystals through backfilling, which may offer an additional control over their photonic band-gap properties.


Date Posted: 20 August 2006

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