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March 2006


We report the investigation of photonic bandgap properties of a core-shell simple cubic structure (air core with a dielectric shell) using a two-parameter level-set approach. The proposed structure can be obtained by partially backfilling high refractive index materials into a polymeric template fabricated by multi-beam interference lithography. We find that the shell formation in the inverted simple cubic structure increases the complete photonic bandgap width by 10–20% in comparison to that of a completely filled structure. The bandgap between the 5th and 6th bands begins to appear at a refractive index contrast of 2.7. This study suggests the importance to investigate the core-shell formation in three-dimensional photonic crystals through backfilling, which may offer an additional control over their photonic bandgap properties.


Postprint version. Published in Applied Physics Letters, Volume 88, Issue 12, Article 121101, 20 March 2006, 3 pages.
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Date Posted: 06 July 2006

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