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March 2005


Nanopatterned Pt by Ga+ focused ion beam (FIB) decomposition of an organometallic precursor forms low resistance ohmic contacts on 40–70 nm diameter GaN nanowires (NWs) grown by thermal reaction of Ga2O3 and NH3. With no intentional doping, the wires are presumed to be n-type. Thus, the linear I-V behavior is surprising since evaporated Pt usually forms Schottky barriers on n-GaN. Ohmic behavior was not obtained for 130–140 diameter wires, even with thicker Pt contacts. A second application of FIB Pt nanopatterning was demonstrated by position-selective growth of GaN NWs on Pt catalyst dots. NW locations and density are defined by the position, size, and thickness of the Pt deposit. Combining these techniques provides a versatile platform for nanostructure research and development.


Postprint version. Published in Applied Physics Letters, Volume 86, Article 193112, 2005, 3 pages.
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Date Posted: 10 May 2005

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