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September 2004


The first-ever well-aligned continuous macroscopic neat single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) fibers were produced using conventional spinning techniques. Neat SWNT fibers, containing no surfactant or polymer, were made by spinning dispersions of SWNTs in 102% sulfuric acid into different coagulants. The critical role of sulfuric acid in dispersing and aligning SWNTs during fiber formation has been explored. Characterization shows alignment greater than any other macroscopic neat SWNT material reported to-date while providing insight into the fundamental hierarchy and nature of SWNT fiber formation. Electrical, thermal, and mechanical measurements indicate that neat SWNT fibers hold tremendous potential for future applications.


Postprint version. Published in Science, Volume 305, Issue 5689, September 3, 2004, pages 1447-1450.
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Date Posted: 02 February 2005

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