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December 2002


Laser ablation has been used to grow silicon nanowires with an average diameter of 6.7 nm ± 2.7 nm surrounded by an amorphous SiOx sheath of 1-2 nm. This paper reports the imaging, chemical and structural analysis of these wires. Due to the growth temperature and the presence of calcium impurities and trace oxygen, two distinct types of wires are found. They appear to grow by two different processes. One requires a metal catalyst, the other is catalyzed by oxygen.


Copyright Materials Research Society. Reprinted from MRS Proceedings Volume 737.
Symposium Title: Nanocrystalline Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Proceedings Title: Quantum Confined Semiconductor Nanostructures
2002 Fall Meeting Symposium F
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Date Posted: 05 November 2004

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