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The ballistic transport properties of Cu nanowires under different electric and stress fields are investigated for future application in microelectronics using first-principles density-function theory. Relative to the case with the electric field only, the stability and quantum conduction of both nonhelical and helical atomic strands are enhanced by applying a stress field F. Under V = 1 V/Å, the most excellent quantum conductivity is exhibited at F = 1.5 nN for the nonhelical atomic strands while at F = 2 nN for the helical ones, and the latter is more stable with collapse-resistant F high as 3 nN compared to the former as 2 nN.


He, C., Qi, L., Zhang, W.X., Pan, H. (2011). Effect of electric and stress field on structures and quantum conduction of Cu nanowires. Applied Physics Letters. 99, 073105.

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Date Posted: 26 March 2012

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