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Purely Electronic Switching with High Uniformity, Resistance Tunability, and Good Retention in Pt-Dispersed SiO2 Thin Films for ReRAM

ByungJoon Choi, University of Pennsylvania
Albert B.K. Chen, University of Pennsylvania
Xiang Yang, University of Pennsylvania
I-Wei Chen, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Journal Article

Postprint version. Published in Advanced Materials, Volume 23, Issue 33, September 2011, pages 3847-3852.
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Resistance switching memory operating by a purely electronic switching mechanism, which was first realized in Pt-dispersed SiO2 thin films, satisfies criteria including high uniformity, fast switching speed, and long retention for non-volatile memory application. This resistive element obeys Ohm’s law for the area dependence, but its resistance exponentially increases with the film thickness, which provides new freedom to tailor the device characteristics.


Date Posted: 26 March 2012

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