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The thermal conductivity of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT)/polystyrene composites, prepared by a method known to produce a uniform distribution of SWCNT bundles on the micrometer length scale, was measured in the temperature range from approximately 140 to 360 K. The thermal conductivity enhancement (50% for 1 mass % at 300 K) is reasonably constant above room temperature but is reduced at the lower temperatures. This result is consistent with the expected, large contribution of interfacial thermal resistance in SWCNT/polymer composites. Enhancements in electrical conductivity show that 1 mass % loading is in the region of the electrical percolation threshold.


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Jakubinek, M.B., M. White, M. Mu and K.I. Winey. (2010). "Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity enhancement in single-walled carbon nanotube/polystyrene composites." Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 96, 083105

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Date Posted: 04 November 2010

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