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Data is presented for a complex structural and compositional modulation in the perovksite (NaNd)(MgW)O6. This modulation creates a large 14ap X 14ap X 2ap supercell (ap ≈ 3.9 Å is the lattice parameter of the cubic perovskite aristotype) containing ordered regions with doubled (110) d-spacings in the a-b plane separated by two-dimensional periodic antiphase boundaries and accompanied by a nanocheckerboard pattern. Faint periodic modulations in Z-contrast images suggest an associated periodic variation in composition. The presence of a sodium rich impurity implies the composition of the stable perovskite is nonstoichiometic.


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Licurse, M.W. and P.K. Davies. (2010). Nanocheckerboard modulations in (NaNd)(MgW)O6. Applied Physics Letters. 97, 123101.

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Date Posted: 14 October 2010

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