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November 2000


Diffusion couples of pure Ti and polysynthetically twinned (PST) TiAl (49.3 at.% Al) were prepared by high vacuum hot-pressing, with the bonding interface perpendicular to the lamellar planes. Diffusion experiments were carried out by annealing the couples in the same furnace at 650, 700 and 850oC for various times. The cross-section of the couple was studied using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and quantitative wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (WDS). A reaction layer whose composition is close to that of the stoichiometric α2–Ti3Al phase formed along the PST TiAl / Ti bonding interface in PST TiAl side. Direct measurements of the thickness of the reaction zone were performed at different phase regions and various boundaries. By assuming the thickness of the reaction zone increases as (Dt)1/2, where D is the diffusion coefficient and t is the annealing time, the diffusion coefficients at these temperatures were calculated. Composition profiles in the reaction zone, along the lamellae and at the lamellar interfaces were obtained by WDS analyses.


Copyright Materials Research Society. Reprinted from MRS Proceedings Volume 646.
2000 Fall Meeting Symposium N
High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys IX
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